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The best way to advertise your furniture or furnishings business ever!

HomzBazaar.com - the #1 niche Home Furnishing Business Directory online, which is SEO friendly, mobile friendly, which also provides home furnishing inspirations, home furnishing blogs, articles and more...Listing in Homzbazaar is the best way to advertise your furniture or furnishings business, home decor directory ever!

Homzbazaar is fastest growing product and business listing service for Furniture, Furnishings Business & Accessories. It is one of its kind market-place and web portal, bringing together all those serving the industry, experts and it's consumers. It is meeting place, for sharing, selling and buying for furniture and furnishing accessories. Not just for home, but also for offices, labs, schools, colleges, and other institutions. We also bring together all furniture and furnishing industry institutions and quality, safety organizations under one umbrella.

Read our complete introduction here: Introduction to Homzbazaar Furniture & Furnishing Business Directory Listings -Marketplace


What’s in my free business profile? (Free listing members)

You'll get a detailed business profile page where new customers can get instant access to:

  • Your contact and location information (with Google map) so people can easily find your business
  • Get instant access to Home furnishing News, Home furnishing blogs, Home furnishing trade associations, home furnishing inspirational photos, and industry leading member articles and furniture & furnishing industry events, which will help you to enhance Furniture and Furnishing knowledge and network base.
  • Your businesses specialties and your detailed business description so your new customers know exactly why they should choose you over others.
  • with up to ten products listings you can upload to show off your products or services. For example: if you are dealing with or manufacturing 10 different kind of Furniture or furnishing accessories, you may list all!
  • Up to three PDF documents you can upload hence, people can, for example: find your price list, buying guides and leaflets or menu easily.
  • A quick inquiry form so people can contact you easily, send an email direct to your inbox!

What makes HomzBazaar.com so special and so different from others? And how can my furniture business benefit from Homzbazaar?

Glad you asked! Homzbazaar was created by a talented team of expert online marketers and is now one of the fastest growing online Furniture and Furnishing services business directories and local search engine for the industry. It is one of its kind niche local search engine for Furniture and Furnishing industry professionals, serving manufacturers, traders, dealers, importers, exporters, retailers, warehouses, stockists, real estate, property dealers, builders, agents, contractors, carpenters and other professionals working or dealing with furniture and furnishings as a means of life and living, including consumers. Which literally includes everyone. As each and every individual use, or needs something or other in furniture and or furnishings. So Homzbazaar is an easy way to advertise your business to them either FREE or with very low cost. What Homzbazaar, charges for the paid listing is very low-cost advertising, compared to listing in competing sites such as JustD, Sulekhaa or OLZ etc. Because we provide superior dashboard and features plus we serve the nice Furniture and Furnishing, Accessories Industry. Unlike others trying to serve all.

The expertise which our experienced team has brought directly to Home Bazaar translates to a site that is designed for specific things like

  • 1. To bring targeted, qualified customers and leads who are looking for your product, services or business to Homzbazaar - a place where they can find exactly what they're looking for.
  • 2. Converting our targeted visitors directly into your new customers every month by providing your business with the greatest exposure possible.
  • 3. Provide a source of Home furnishing inspiration, Home furnishing news, and Home furnishing blog for every site visitor
  • 4. Provide business support and necessary contact point and service agents for the industry professionals for whatever business they do, for manufacturing, exporting, importing, and improving their furniture or furniture business.

By taking a few minutes now and registering for a fully featured (gold, silver, starter) or free business listing on homzbazaar (homes bazaar) you'll be increasing your exposure to your target audience! & you are setting you up for success!

 Will free listings be Free always? Why there are paid listings like Gold, Silver, and Starter package?

Yes! Your free listing will ALWAYS be free! Until you choose to upgrade. Period. Paid listings will be converted to free listings once they do not want to renew their listings and will remain so until they chose to upgrade. 

To maintain certain features that give higher exposure to your business, we have to spend a good amount of money to other marketing companies. Plus we need to support our staff who is eager to help you out. The business can only sustain with a minimum profit. And we only take that minimum profit, in order to serve you better and help you sustain in business. This way we provide low-cost advertising or free advertising for your site.

Do Homzbazaar.com (Homes Bazaar) accept all business category listing?

No. www.Homzbazaar.com is a local, worldwide business directory for Furniture and Furnishing, Home Accessories Industry only. We have additionally listed few categories to support or what we think our consumers will need to enhance the experience with us. We accept Categories listed in these categories only. All businesses submitted to www.homzbazaar.com are verified and approved manually by our internal team. This means that your business must have some kind of real, local presence. You can be a website only business to be listed, but have proper contact and customer service functions. Homzbazaar.com The best way to advertise your furniture or furnishings business ever!

How do you pronounce HomzBazaar?

homzbazaar is pronounced as - Homes and Bazaar. Homzbazaar is the abbreviated form of it. When home and Bazaar is pronounced together in one one word it may be sounded as homzbazaar! It also is about many, many people that use or serves the industry of Home, Furniture, Furnishings and Furnishing industry!

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