An Introduction to Hmozbazaar Furniture & Home Furnishing Business Directory Marketplace

We want home furnishing business to succeed

The supply chain of the Furniture Industry, Home Furnishing Industry including the Furniture Manufacturers, Traders, Dealers, wholesalers, Importers, Home Furnishing Companies, Home Furnishing Manufacturers, Home Furnishing Suppliers and Home Furnishing wholesalers, all are on a look out for each other to facilitate their businesses. Homzbazaar Furniture & Home Furnishing Directory assists all those involved with the industry, be it Traders, Dealers, Wholesales, Importers, Exporters and professionals working in the industry to find new markets, contracts, clients, and products from Furniture and Furnishing Industry. has categorized the various trades, products, and skills as the industry demands and by the prevalent Home Furnishing Styles in the industry. 

The Thought Behind

The inspiration to launch a centralized marketing and communication website to directly support the furniture industry was conceived by an employee working for a small furniture dealer. Several operational inefficiencies were noticed when observing sales people. Knowing there had to be a better way and use of time to help a client find products that appealed to them. The original concept for The Furniture Industry was to provide a searchable electronic directory of a manufacturer’s product to help sale associates at the furniture dealer find potential products for their clients. This concept evolved to providing a complete marketing and communication tool for ALL industry members and the public.

The furniture and home furnishings directory is an electronic product catalog. Products are organized into 750+ categories to help you find the right products quickly and easily. There is a maximum 3 level deep category system in place to help you drill down to the right sub-category. To avoid any possible confusion as to how to find the right category, the directory incorporates it into 15 main categories. some sub-categories are repeated in other main categories. All of this has been designed to make the directory as intuitive as possible.

Main Categories

Homzbazaar has set 16 top level categories and 750 sub-level categories. We are open to add any further subcategory as per the request of the Furniture Industry professionals.

Our top level categories and key sub-categories are mentioned below

  1. Home Furniture & furnishings 
  2. Home Improvement services
  3. Home Furnishing supplies
  4. Hotel Furniture and Supplies
  5. Other furniture
  6. Handicrafts for Home
  7. Construction & Real Estate
  8. Essential Business services
  9. Furniture Industry associations
  10. Transportation
  11. Toys and Play
  12. Home electronic supplies
  13. Furniture Manufactures
  14. Furniture Traders
  15. Furniture Dealers
  16. Pets & animals

Advanced Furniture  & Furnishing Industry Directory

There are nearly million plus manufacturers and suppliers, of different sizes, marketing their products to furniture stores across the world. Homzbazaar Furniture & Furnishing Marketplace is capable of listing 1 million such business. Furniture stores simply do not have the resources, expertise or labor force to implement and manage an electronic directory of all the products they have available from the hundreds of manufacturers they deal with. Secondly, very few manufacturers have taken the taken the time and effort to organize their products into a searchable directory. This requires the public shoppers and dealer sale associates to spend hours paging through paper catalogs to find suitable products.  Launching the Advanced Furniture & Furnishing Industry Directory will now help dealer sale associates to use their time more efficiently and will help the general public find exactly what they are looking for in a matter of minutes instead of hours. 

Connect and Contact

The Homzbazaar Furniture & Furnishing Marketplace is built incorporating social networking technology. Members in the industry can not only market themselves but also communicate new product released to relevant members. Example: manufacturer reps can now market themselves and their company’s products directly to the dealer and their sale associates. Several different connection paths exist between different channel members. 

Member Lists

To help our channel and public members find the right contact we have organized different members into different member lists. Please see our detailed membership list here:

Specialists & Enthusiasts

We wanted to extend our service to the fFurniture & Furnishing Industry Directory and partner with related service professionals. This includes interior designers; furniture restoration and repair services; sewing professional to include local men and woman who could make custom draperies, table runners, etc.; as well as small local contractors who could offer residential home improvement services.

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