Homzbazaar.com mission & objectives to home furnishing businesses

We are committed to providing best online directory for home furnishing business & industry professionals

Our mission is to develop a sophisticated website to be used by all industry channel members, for being found online, help them market better, finds new clients and business and for better marketing and communication needs. The Furniture & Furnishing Industry website will support furniture manufacturers, manufacturer reps, furniture store dealers, Importers, exporters, dealer sale associates, as well as related specialists and the consumers.

Our online presence will be used to organize furniture and home furnishings products from million plus suppliers. An advanced product directory will be used to help dealers quickly find possible products for their clients and for the public to find exactly what they are looking for in a few minutes instead of spending hours paging through paper catalogs. the web portal will also serve as a free classifieds platform, an industry blog platform, and to list product and industry articles, events and more.

Manufacturers, Dealers, and Specialists will be able to market their company, products, and service directly through our website using any of our solutions. Integrated social connection technology will allow the specific member to communicate and market themselves and their company’s products. In the click of a button, our web portal will translate to the user's preferred language, whatever that may be in any part of the world. This will enhance user connectivity and sharing of ideas easier

By using the power and convenience of the internet we hope to make a positive impact to all our members and develop future improvements that may revolutionize traditional marketing and communication methods for the furniture industry.

simply put  Homzbazaar's mission is to 

"Connect the Furniture and Furnishing industry with the future it deserves"

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